Cleveland Glockenspiel

Cleveland Glockenspiel Sponsored by Jagermeister

The Cleveland Glockenspiel at the Cleveland OktoberfestA much beloved fixture at the Oktoberfest, The Cleveland Glockenspiel—measuring in at 55′ in length—is the largest of its kind in the United States.

At quarter to, Oktoberfest revelers begin gathering round the glockenspiel, where they wait in anticipation. When at last the hour strikes, music erupts and like birds from a cuckoo clock, Schuhplattlers from Toledo Holzhackerbuam emerge. To the delight of the crowd, they entertain with a mixture of humorous skits, sing-alongs, and traditional German slap dancing. At routine’s end, performers show their appreciation by loosing a hail of souvenirs on the crowd. The vibe—that of a night on Bourbon Street, where if only for the fun of upsetting the status quo, trinkets are coveted like gold. From beads, to Frisbees, t-shirts, keychains and more, Oktoberfest keepsakes rain down so liberally that you’d have to be inebriated not to catch something… which, this being Oktoberfest, can pose a problem for some. Whether you catch a prize or no, all we can say is, “Lass die guten Zeiten ruhen.”

Oh, and if you’re having trouble getting unstuck from that status quo, don’t forget to try some of the tri-colored flag shots sold beneath the glockenspiel. Trust us, they’ll help you get your groove on… though we can’t promise you’ll be able to get it off, so drink responsibly.