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Best Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition at the Cleveland Oktoberfest

Best Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition

Best Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition Winners from 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Best Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition.  Special thanks to Paul Shick of SNOBs and the 27 judges who helped determine the winners from amongst 84 entries. Here are the results:

Category 1. Classic Oktoberfest:

  1. Thirsty Dog Barktoberfest
  2. Gordon Biersch Marzen
  3. Brew Kettle Oktofest

Category 2. German Light Lagers:

  1. Brew Kettle Big Woody (Munich Helles)
  2. Fatheads Guddenhoppy Kellerpils
  3. Buckeye Heidi Pilsner

Category 3. German Ales:

  1. Buckeye Brewing Madison Kolsch
  2. Market Garden Pearl Street Wheat
  3. Platform Zeitgeist Berliner Weisse

Category 4. Dark Lagers/Bocks:

  1. Granite City Bock
  2. Portside Pop Smoke Rauchbier
  3. Fatheads Black Knight Schwarzbier

Category 5. Open:

  1. Fat Heads Smoked Helles
  2. Willoughby Hazy Days Wheat (American Pale Ale)
  3. Brew Kettle Rude Cru (Flanders Red Ale w/ raspberries)
  4. Honorable Mention: Buckeye Brewing Sunstream Belgian Witbier

Category 6. Best IPA:

  1. Brew Kettle El Lupulo Libre (Imperial IPA)
  2. Millersburg IPA
  3. Fat Heads Hop JuJu Imperial IPA
  4. Honorable Mention: Willoughby Cosmic IPA

All German Best of Show:

  1. Buckeye Brewing Madison Kolsch

Best of the Rest of the World:

  1. Brew Kettle El Lupulo Libre (Imperial IPA)

Overall Best of Show:

  1. Brew Kettle El Lupulo Libre (Imperial IPA)

People's Choice (Best Overall Brewery):

  1. Black Box Brewing Company
  2. Brew Kettle
  3. Fat Heads

What's On Tap at the Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition

The Cleveland Labor Day Weekend Oktoberfest "Best Oktoberfest Microbrew" competition will be held Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, August 29th-September 1st, 2014 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea, OH - just outside Cleveland. The hours for the competition are 4PM-Midnight Fri, 2PM-Midnight Sat & Sun, and 2PM-8PM Monday. The Bier Garden will be cooking with the sounds of Hotel California, Stone Pony, Escape, The Spazmatics, and Night Fever. Friday night will feature the judging and awards ceremony, and on Monday, your votes will be tallied to determine the People's Choice for the Best Oktoberfest Microbrewery. I think we can all drink to that! Participating Breweries include:

Great Lakes Brewery

Great Lakes Brewery


Great Lakes Brewing Company, located just west of downtown in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland, stands as the state's first microbrewery. The brewpub occupies two historic buildings on Market Avenue in Ohio City. The Taproom features the Tiger Mahogany Bar—Cleveland's oldest. Bullet holes in the bar are said to have been caused by Cleveland Safety Director, Eliot Ness, the same who would later take down Al Capone in Chicago during the prohibition era (with the help of Sean Connery). The downstairs, Rathskeller, features distressed brick walls and another wooden bar. Adjacent to the brewpub is an indoor/outdoor beer garden, the perfect setting for a sunny day. In 1988, a brewery was added to the historic six-building complex, as well as banquet facilities, and a gift shop.


Great Lakes Brewing CompanyThe Great Lakes Brewing Company started crafting beer in 1988, at the beginning of America's fascination with microbrews. They were the first such brewery in Ohio. The Conway brothers, who still own the facility, employed a master brewer, Thaine Johnson, who had worked in the last of Cleveland's historic breweries, thus tying the old with the new. They produced 1000 barrels that first year. Today, they produce 70,000 barrels annually.

The Beer:

Great Lakes is best known for its amber beer, Dortmunder Gold. The brewery also produces Burning River Ale, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Eliot Ness Amber Lager, and Holy Moses White Ale. Seasonal brews, such as Moondog Ale and Christmas Ale round out the selection. Great Lakes Brewing Company distributes in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. In addition to the brewpub, Great Lakes beers are available at most beer outlets in Cleveland.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Dortmunder Gold
  • Nosferatu (High Gravity)
  • Edmund Fitzgerald

Rocky River Brewing Company

Rocky River Brewing Company


R ocky River Brewing Company is an award-winning brewpub and restaurant located in Rocky River, Ohio. The 5,000 sq. ft. dining and pub area, styled in a turn-of-the-century architectural style, offers a casual and family-friendly dining experience for lunch, dinner or late night excitement.

Rocky River Brewing Company

Chef Bill Fogarty creates an eclectic array of menu selections using only the freshest and most delectable ingredients to put new twist on old favorites. Our exceptionally hand-crafted beers are brewed with expertise by our award-winning brewmaster, Jim Lieb. The food, the beer, our friendly and courteous staff, and our patrons all make visiting R.R.B.C. a fantastic and memorable experience. We welcome you to enjoy your visit through our web site but, more importantly, we would like to welcome you to visit R.R.B.C. with your family and friends to enjoy the the pleasant atmosphere, fresh food and great beers in person.

  •    Rockytoberfest - A Classic German Oktoberfest
  •    Hop Goblin IPA

Market Garden Brewery

Market Garden Brewery


Andy Tveekrem is the Brewmaster and partner in the Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently under construction, the brewery, restaurant, beer garden and distillery will be opening in early 2011. Andy has been a professional brewer for 20 years and prior to this venture has been the Brewmaster at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware (2004-2009), Frederick Brewing Company in Maryland (2000-2004), and Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland (1991-2000). He grew up in Akron, is a 1985 graduate of the College of Wooster and now lives in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland with his wife, Vickie. Many of his interests seem to involve the letter B: beer, bicycling, bowling, and barbeque, to name just a few.

  • Old Zahm Oktoberfest
  • Wahoo Wit
  • Pearl Street Wheat (Hefeweizen)
  • Citramax IPA (American IPA)

Sprecher Brewing Company

Sprecher Brewing Company


Sprecher Brewing Co. was founded in 1985 by RANDAL SPRECHER, formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From 1985 to 1994, the brewery was located at 730 W. Oregon Street in Milwaukee's Walker's Point area. Through the first ten years the company grew steadily as more and more people found out about Sprecher's high quality beers and sodas. Finally, the company had outgrown its original facility and began looking for a new location to continue its growth.

In 1994, Sprecher purchased its current building, located at 701 W. Glendale Ave., a former elevator car factory. The new, larger brewery enabled the company to continue growing, and allowed more people to enjoy all of Sprecher's fine products.

Sprecher BreweryThe history of brewing in Wisconsin began thirteen years before it became a state and a year before it even became a territory. By the late 1890's nearly every community in Wisconsin had at least one operating brewery.

In the 1880's Milwaukee was the home of more than 80 breweries. 100 years later, the number of operating breweries in the area can today be counted on one hand, and only one can still be considered a giant.

In 1919 the passage of Prohibition virtually sounded the death toll for all but the most diverse breweries. A few struggled through by producing near beer (.05 alcoholic content or less), soft drinks and even vinegar. Beer making didn't resume until 1933, when the 18th Amendment was repealed. But even then, people were still reeling from the effects of the Great Depression, which of itself had devastated both the coffers and hopes of many of the earlier breweries.

Like the biggest selling wines, many mass market beers are made to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible. This means they have to be produced at a highly competitive price and that they must offend no one. Much of the distinctive qualities of the traditional regional type brews is lost.

Sprecher and other micro-breweries have revived both the distinctive quality of regional beer and old world brewing methods as well. The term "Micro-Brewery" refers to the relative size of the brewery when compared to gigantic beer production facilities of mass marketed national brands. Where these "Mega-Giants" produce from 20 million on up to 90 million barrels a year each, a "Micro-Brewery" is a considerably small operation, brewing less than 15,000 barrels a year. Although some have grown to 50,000 to 100,000 barrels a year.

Quite a difference when you consider a barrel is equivalent to 31 gallons. In that respect, the smaller Micro-Breweries such as Sprecher can focus more on its specialty "Craft Beers" with an eye on the highest quality and tradition of European style brewing.

At the Sprecher Brewing Co. we are proud to participate in Milwaukee's great brewing tradition and we're grateful for the opportunity to present our best to you.

  • Black Bavarian German Bock
  • Hefe Weiss
  • Hard Root Beer
  • Hard Ginger Beer

Cornerstone Brewing Company

Cornerston Brewery


Enjoy casual atmosphere and fine food. Come in and try our delicious menu and our wide variety of drinks. We know you'll love it here at Cornerstone Brewing Company. We are located in the historic Berea Triangle. Minutes from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Baldwin Wallace College.

Of Cornerstone, Scene Magazine said, "This good-looking microbrewery just about has it all: good pub fare, laid-back style, and a handcrafted collection of above-average beers, ranging from the crisp Grindstone Gold (an American-style lager) to the Big Creek Porter, a dark, hefty potion loaded with chocolate, roasted malt, and hops flavors."

  •   The Yodeler - Pilsner
  •   O-Fest Oktoberfest
  •   Sandstone - Vienna Lager
  •   Old '92 Munich Dunkel

The Brew Kettle

The Brew Kettle


The BREW Kettle opened its doors in the fall of 1995 as Ohio's First Brew-On-Premise Microbrewery.

From that first day it has been our goal to provide our customers with the guidance, equipment and the freshest ingredients to produce quality, hand-crafted beers in an environment that is professional, safe and fun.

Eight years and 15,000 batches later, we are still committed to our customers' needs and desires.

We invite you to visit our brewery to have a "look-see", visit with our expert brewing staff, or try brewing a batch from our "tried-and-true" recipe list. we guarantee you'll be hooked!

The Brew KettleAt The BREW Kettle you are the Brewer. We'll provide the recipe, ingredients and assistance while you brew and bottle your favorite style of beer. The BREW Kettle offers over 70 different recipes to choose from. Chris McKim, our Brewmaster and winner of 9 National Brew-On-Premise Medals (including 5 GOLD'S!), has created each recipe to be technically accurate as described in the style guide for America's largest beer event, The Great American Beer Festival.

The BREW Kettle is a social gathering place where small and large groups of brewers are invited to reserve one to six kettles. Your brew session will last approximately 2 1/2 hours. While you're brewing, relax and enjoy a beer or homemade soda from our great selection. After brewing, we'll help you cool and transfer your brew into a fermenter and we'll look after it during fermentation. When you return two weeks later, your beer will be chilled, filtered, carbonated and ready for you to bottle. A brew session produces 6 cases of beer(22oz bottles). Or if you prefer, we'll keg your brew for parties or home draft systems.

The BREW Kettle offers a wide variety of label options for you to personalize your brew. Choose form over 200,000 clipart images, or provide us with your own design. From simple black& white "stock" labels to color scans from you personal photo library, our designers can meet your needs. Commemorate your next special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, baby announcements and holidays with your own unique label design.

The BREW Kettle is your source for homebrew supplies. We offer by the pound, whole grains and unhopped malt extracts and by the ounce, pellet hops.

The BREW Kettle and Ringneck Brewing Company also offer a wide variety of carry-out bottled beer and soda. And don't forget our logo gear and gift certificates are always available. Your personalized brew can be a great gift, a unique addition to any party, or simply the best and freshest beer for enjoyment at home.

The BREW Kettle invites you to Brew with the Best. Our expert brewing staff is always ready to help you brew your own. We promise you'll be proud to exclaim, "That's my beer!". And every batch comes with our "complete-satisfaction-guarantee". We look forward to serving you.

  • Oktofest - Oktoberfest
  • Big Woody - Munich Helles
  • Der Sommer - Hefeweizen
  • El Lupulo Libre - American Double IPA
  • Belgian Quadruple

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company


H ere at the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, full flavor, delicate balance, texture & aroma combine to make beer an infinitely complex experience, and one that can be thoroughly enjoyable.

Each of our beers are meticulously hand crafted in small batches using the finest ingredients. High quality malted barley is the source of the beer’s sweetness & body. Select American & European hops are used to balance the malt sweetness, and , at times, add special flavors & aromas to the beer.

Our careful selection of ingredients, along with specially designed recipes & brewing processes, give Thirsty Dog beers their unique flavor profiles that can be hard to find in today’s mass market. “one size fits all” society.

Our microbrewed beers are far more diverse in range and character then the small spectrum of mass-marketed beers offered to the American public by the large national breweries.

Welcome to Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, and welcome to great beer!

  • Citra Dog American IPA
  • Labrador Lager Dortmunder
  • Barktoberfest (Traditional German Oktoberfest)
  • Raildog Smoked Black Lager

Buckeye Beer Engine

Buckeye Beer Engine


Buckeye Beer Engine (Buckeye Brewing Company) in Lakewood, OH brews some of the finest craft beers in the area. Buckeye Beer engine was voted one of the Top 5 Brew Pubs of 2007 by Cleveland Scene Magazine.

Of Buckeye Beer Engine, Scene raved, "More than a bar, far less than a stuffy restaurant, The Buckeye Beer Engine offers more than two dozen top-quality drafts -- "breakouts, hot stuff, and things you've never seen before in your life," says brewmaster Garin Buckeye Beer EngineWright. The selection includes rare Belgianlambics, cask-conditioned ales, and three or four of Wright's own brews -- and it gets rotatedregularly, giving beer-lovers an excuse to drop in time and again. If you need an excuse to drink (you shouldn't, but we're just saying), grab something to wash down from the menu of burgers, soups, sandwiches, and salads -- the perfect ballast for a blast of chilly brews."

  • See Buckeye Brewing

Lagerheads Brewing Co.



Established in 2004, Lagerheads Smokehouse and Brewery has been striving to provide the areas finest barbecue and sauce... and by sauce we mean, beer (though their barbecue sauce ain't bad either).

Rick Armon, of the Akron Beacon Journal, visited Lagerheads, and noted, "Brewer Steve Bagley has a major goal for the new brewery at Lager Heads Smokehouse: Make sure each beer pops with flavor.


"'I don't want wimpy beers, period,' he said. 'All the beers should be brewed to style but with bold flavors.'"

Though the Kienes have owned this historic restaurant since 2004, it wasn't until recently that they had all the equipment in place and were ready to hire Steve Bagley as their brewmaster. In June of 2010, the first batches were out of the hopper and ready for consumption. Among those initial offerings were a dortmunder and hefeweizen, so the tilt towards German styles was readily apparent.

After winning several national medals for his homebrewing, Steve was hired as the brewmaster of the Roadhouse in Medina before moving on to the job at Lager Heads.

Lager Heads is located at 2832 Abbeyville Road, and is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday; 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.

  •    Oktoberfest
  •    Barnburner (German Light Lager)
  •    High Five IPA
  •    Lightheaded Pilsner

Fat Heads Brewery

Fat Head's Brewery


Alandmark in the Pittsburgh area, Fatheads has opened a new location in the North Olmsted building that once housed Danny Boy's Farmers Market. Matt Cole, formerly the brewermaster for Rocky River Brewing Company, is the Director of Brewing Operations for the new Fat Heads establishment.

"The Fat Heads concept circles around a laid-back, casual atmosphere with quality beer and fun, creative and innovative food," said Cole to a Plain Dealer reporter. "You mention Fat Heads to anyone who knows Pittsburgh and they will tell you they've been there."

  • Alpenglow Weizenbock (German Ale)
  • Black Knight Schwarzbier (German Bock or Dark Lager)
  • Gudenhoppy Keller Pils (German Light Lager)
  • One Night in Bangkok (Open Category - Herb and Spice)
  • Hop JuJu Imperial IPA (IPA Sub Category)

Gordon Biersch Brewing Company

Gordon Biersch


Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Columbus on Front Street near the Nationwide Arena. This classic location in the arena district can accommodate seating for 425 people, with additional seating in the outdoor patio. The private banquet room seats 60-70 guests and is available by reservation only. A billiard area adjacent to the bar provides an excellent gathering place.

The recipe for Gordon Biersch beer contains only four ingredients as dictated by the 500-year-old German purity law called Reinheitsgebot: water, hops, barley, and yeast.

  • Marzen
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Schwarzbier
  • Sommerbrau (Kolsch)
  • American Pale Ale

Buckeye Brewing Company

Buckeye Brewing Company


Buckeye Brewing company of Cleveland was established in 1997.

  • Heidi - German Style Pilsner
  • Arthur - German Style Altbier
  • Madison - German Style Kölsch
  • Sunstream - Belgian Style Witbier
  • Dark Cloud - German Style Weizenbock

Willoughby Brewing Company

Willoughby Brewing Company



estled in the heart of Historic Downtown Willoughby, Ohio lies Willoughby Brewing Co. Established in February of 1998, we are a full-service restaurant, bar and award-winning brewery in a 100-year-old building that was originally a rail-car repair depot for the Cleveland to Ashtabula Interurban Rail Line.

Renovated and updated, our facility provides a spacious yet cozy dining experience. Our bar comes complete with a stage and state-of-the-art soundsystem--home to the finest rock and blues acts inthe Greater Cleveland area.

Willoughby Brewing CompanyWilloughby Brewing Company offers a mouth-watering array of dishes for your dining pleasure. From cheeseburgers to sirloin, pizza to pasta, one thing is for certain - This is no ordinary brewpub dining experience.

The atmosphere is friendly and casual. Wide open spaces are offset by a divided dining room so you'll feel cozy without feeling crowded. High ceilings and natural brick walls with large, arched windows round out the reasons why you will feel completely at ease in this delightfully restored century-old building.

  • Kaiserhof Kölsch
  • Cosmic IPA
  • Hazy Days Wheat

Elevator Brewing Company

Elevator Brewing Company



Tucked away on one of the busier streets of downtown Columbus sits a beer drinker’s paradise. In between the large, silver fermenting tanks that stand like monuments, holding the different varieties of the Elevator Brewing Company’s award winning beers, stands owner Dick Stevens in one of his most comfortable natural positions—with a beer in hand.

Since Stevens started brewing, with the idea of slightly dipping into the business, his operation has expanded every year. Most recently, he moved his brewing operations from Marysville to downtown Columbus to allow easier transport to his iconic restaurant on High Street. It was his obvious passion for good beer that drew him into the brewing world.

Goose Island WrigleyvilleElevator's brewmaster is Vic Schiltz, whose inspiration has produced Twelve beers which are brewed at 165 N. Fourth St., the main brewery for the Elevator.

Eleven ales and lagers are complemented by one monthly or seasonal selection, all ranging from very light to very dark. Their nitrogen injection system, the only one of its kind in Columbus, gives Elevator the ability to make cascading stouts and light beers alike.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Big Vic Imperial IPA
  • Dark Horse Lager (European Dark Lager)
  • Buckeye Bleeding Red (American Red)

Cellar Rats Brewery

Cellar Rats Brewery



ellar Rats Brewery, located in Madison, Ohio opened in June of 2008 with two flagship beers, Rat Trap Lager and Rat Tail Ale.  The new brewery facility is connected to Debonne Vineyards, Ohio’s largest estate winery, making Cellar Rats Brewery the first brewery/winery combination in the state.  The term “Cellar Rats” is often used to refer to the workers down in the wine cellar making wine.  Since the owners of the brewery started in the wine cellar, the name seemed fitting and fun.

Cellar Rats BrewerySo how does one go from the wine industry to the beer industry?  It really isn’t so complicated.  First it takes a great brewer and Debonné was lucky enough to have one working on staff.  Brian Burns, former assistant winemaker, has been home brewing beer with his family for over 18 years.  His excitement for the brewery shows, with his ideas of brews currently producing over nine beers with more to come.  Some of the more popular brews include the Black Plague Porter, Stall 3 Stout, and Field Rat Wheat.   The brewery always has its flagship beers available but the real fun comes in the seasonal brews such as Infestation, Pack Rat Pilsner, and a Ratzberry Porter.  Assisting Brian in the brewery is head winemaker and chemist Ed Trebets and assistant brewer Tony Debevc Jr.   This trio is always thinking of something new to try.

Cellar Rats Brewery brews monthly on a 3-barrel system, which holds 95 gallons.  This is small considering what a traditional microbrewery normally brews.  The small size gives lots of flexibility for experimentation with unique ingredients.  Currently Cellar Rats Brews are sold on premise and in take home growlers in addition to some area pubs and restaurants.

All the brews are named after a “rat” theme of some sort with the cartoon labels being produced by a local artist.  This fun theme is very fitting with the atmosphere of the brewery.  The beer bar is located adjacent to the winery and tastings can be done all week long.  The facility features live entertainment every weekend and grilled sandwiches and tasty appetizers are available as well.

  • Infestation Oktoberfest
  • Rat Trap Lager
  • Bourbon Barrel Stout

Christian Moerlein Brewery

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company



he Christian Moerlein Brewing Company was born in 1853, in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Christian Moerlein—a bavarian immigrant and blacksmith— loved brewing hearty, European beers, and his craftsmanship was rewarded with top honors wherever his beers were exhibited. Moerlein’s beers were not only popular in Cincinnati, but they were commonly exported to Europe and South America.

Though the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company continued operating after Moerlein’s death in 1897, America’s prohibition period forced the country’s breweries to close. But in 1981, when the Moerlein brand was reintroduced to Cincinnati, the updated beer was on the leading edge of the craft beer revolution. Soon, it became the first beer to certifiably pass the strict Reinheitsgebot Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. True to the law since Christian was the brewmaster, the beer contains only four ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.

In 2004, Christian Moerlein was purchased by greater Cincinnati resident and beer baron Gregory Hardman, who follows the same guidelines of true quality and great taste set by the brewery’s founder: Christian Moerlein. This commitment to excellence makes Moerlein quite simply a better beer.

  • 5th & Vine Oktoberfest (Classic Oktoberfest)
  • Lager House Helles Lager (German Light Lager)
  • Barbarossa (Bock or Dark Lager)
  • Northern Liberties IPA (IPA)
  • LaGrange Saison (Open)

Granite City Brewery

Granite City Brewing Company



ranite City Food & Brewery commenced operations in St. Cloud, Minn., in June 1999 and has grown to include 30 restaurants in 13 states, including their recently opened location in Legacy Village. Granite City has won awards nationwide for Best Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Patio, Best Beer, Best Martini, Best Burger, and more, including the prestigious Nation’s Restaurant News Hot Concept Winner. Granite City is passionate about creating fresh menu items from scratch and uses its patented brewing process to deliver the best brews.

Granite City Food & Brewery is a polished casual American restaurant featuring fresh, high-quality menu items prepared from made-from-scratch recipes.  Signature dishes include Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Linguini, Barramundi Buerre Blanc and a host of other innovative menu items, as well as burgers, flatbreads, salads and steaks.  

Granite City Food & Brewery’s signature brews, which are made on-site, include The Duke (Pale Ale), The Bennie (Bock), The Batch (Double IPA), The Northern (American Style Light Lager) and The Stout.  Seasonal brews are featured throughout the year.

The handcrafted beers –also available in growlers - are moderately priced and offer unique styles and flavors not typically produced by major breweries.  The patented brewing process, known as Fermentus InterruptusTM, makes replicating the same great taste simple and efficient throughout all Granite City Food and Brewery restaurants.

  • Oktoberfest
  • German Bock (The Bennie)
  • Double IPA (Batch 1000)

Millersburg Brewing Company

Millersburg Brewing Company



 illersburg Brewing, of downtown Millersburg, Ohio, was created in a 1920s motif. Their ample list of microbrews, created by head brewmaster Marty Lindon, iis accompanied by a likewise substantial wine list.  They also help educate the palates of novice wine and beer tasters by holding cheese and meat pairings with beers and wines.  Customers can purchase and carry-out items or enjoy them, while listening to live music, in this quaint pub setting.

  • MBC Oktoberfest
  • Killbuck Creek Kölsch
  • IPA
  • Bags Best Red Ale

Main Street Grille & Brewing Company

Main Street Grille & Brewing Company



he Main Street Grille and Brewing Co. resides in an 1804 historical building that was a water powered grist mill on the banks of Silver Creek. Now a restaurant and brewery owned and operated by Pete & Peggy Kepich since March of 2007, they offer a wide variety of foods... from their savory Pot Roast dish to a phenomenal Main Street Burger, great steaks and seafood escalating to live Maine Lobster. Their Brewery, which opened in May of 2008, offers a variety of unfiltered handcrafted brews. Guests can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner along with a specialty brew while overlooking the scenic falls on Silver Creek.
Main Street Brewing Company

The Main Street Grille and Brewing Co. is about more than just great food and hand crafted beers. They embody an ethic of hospitality and exceptional service that keeps their customers coming back for more, and all at a customer conscious price. Understanding that they only have one shot to make a customer happy and gain their repeat patronage, they pride themselves on only using the finest and freshest ingredients from their menu to their beer list. Be it a special meal request, holding a favorite table, or just remembering a guest's name, it's the little things that set The Main Street Grille apart from the run of the mill.

  • Gothbock (Doppelbock)
  • Ma Barker's Birch Beer
  • Main Street Joe
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Jack Frosty

Nano Brew

Nano Brew


Nano Brew Cleveland is a friendly neighborhood brewpub with 24 beers on draft both at the inside bar and at the lively outdoor Beer Garden Bar. Enjoy a freshly brewed beer from our 1 barrel brewhouse or any of the other local craft breweries we feature on draft. Brewmaster Andy Tveekrem brings over two decades of award-winning brewing experience to this small but mighty brewhouse to turn out adventurous and at times experimental brews. From one of a kind brews to recipes that might make it to full scale production at our Market Garden Brewery & Distillery just down the block, the lineup of beers will change daily.

  • Nano Kölsch
  • Particle Accelerator Double IPA

Black Box Brewing Company

Black Box Brewing Company


Black Box Brewing Company of Westlake, Ohio is run by Jerome Welliver and has gained widespread accolades for their brews.

  •    3 Day Weekend (Session IPA)
  •    Cloud Nine - Belgian Wheat
  •    Bockzilla
  •    Triple Cherry
  •    Fuzzy German (Helles Peach)

Portside Brewery

Portside Brewery



ortside Distillery was the brainchild of a group of Cleveland natives. One day while enjoying a pint of Guinness at The Harp, a group of friends had a revolutionary idea - to create the best distillery/brewery/resturaunt in the country!

A hand-made still and a state-of-the-art brew kettle later and the dream became a reality! The Portside Distillery team is now making flavorful batches of flavorful spirits and delicious hand-crafted beers. We think they are among the best you will Portside Brewery & Distilleryever try, but don't take our word for it, try them for yourself!

We hand-craft all of our beers in small batches and fill them flavor and body. Our Brew Master Dan Malz finds the best ingrediants to make the finest beers in Cleveland!

  •    216 Dry Hopped Pale Ale
  •    Rusalka Vanilla Stout
  •    Pop Smoke Rauchbier
  •    Hafensiete Hefewiezen
  •    Gambrius Imperial Bock
Platform Beer Company

Platform Beer Company



hen you stop by Platform Beer Co. for a drink, we want you to expect not only a great beer, but a beer you’ve yet to try. Foregoing traditional flagship lineups, we brew a constant rotation of seasonal craft beers. Our goal is to introduce drinkers to unfamiliar beer styles as well as unequaled examples of the classics.

Alongside our house beers, we will have beers brewed by our Platform Brewers Group incubator program. Home brewers who are working their way through the brewing incubator will have a chance to showcase their beers at our taphouse and get real world feedback. We hope to arm them with the knowledge and experience to take their favorite hobby to the next level.

  • Zeitgeist Berliner Weisse
  • Rauch City Smoked Hefeweizen
  • German Light Lager

info for microbreweries

The Cleveland Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition will be held Friday-Monday Labor Day weekend, Aug. 29th-Sept. 1st, 2014. Microbrew Competition hours are from 4PM-Midnight Fri, 2PM-Midnight Sat & Sun, and from 2PM-8PM Monday. Oktoberfest will provide volunteers to pour, so brewers need not be present to participate, with the exception of Friday night. Since medals are handed out Friday night, we would like to have at least one brewery rep from each brewery present. An 8' x 10' space will be provided to each participating brewer. No fee will be charged for space. Only established breweries will be considered for inclusion. Though non-German beer styles are permitted, this being an Oktoberfest, we'd prefer that brewers concentrate on German styles (see categories below). Non-German styles will only be eligible for awards in the People's Choice and Best of Show categories. Brewers may submit up to three beer styles for consideration.

The Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest will purchase as much beer as necessary to meet demand, which for most brewers should be roughly 9 kegs total (not per style), though brewers who went through more than that in previous years are free to bring more. Should demand exceed supply, Oktoberfest would wish to purchase additional kegs from any brewers who are able to restock on the fly. Oktoberfest will provide keg tubs, though we ask that entrants bring their own jocky boxes. Ice will be freely available upon request. Brewers wishing to participate should submit the online application by clicking here, or you may email Prio to the competition, we like to have a list of beers being submitted by each brewer. This gives our judging panel a chance to properly prepare to judge all entries. Note that Oktoberfest reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any reason. Space is limited, so brewers who wish to participate should submit applications for consideration as soon as possible.

On Friday there will be a panel judging, and on Monday the People's Choice ballots will be tallied and a winner announced. The panel judging Friday night will award the best beer in four separate categories, as well as a Best in Show.

Brewers may submit into multiple categories.  Should a brewer wish to bring a beer that does not fit into one of the categories listed below, that's fine, though again, that beer would only be eligible for the People's Choice and Best in Show awards.

the categories are:

  1. 2015 Best "Classic" Oktoberfest
  2. 2015 Best German Light Lager
  3. 2015 Best German Ale
  4. 2015 Best German Bock or Dark Lager
  5. 2015 All German Best of Show
  1. 2015 Best IPA
  2. 2015 Open: Non-German Styles
  3. 2015 Best of the Rest of the World
  4. 2015 People's Choice (The People's Choice award will be judged by Oktoberfest patrons, who will be issued punchable cards and must purchase at least five 3oz. samples to be eligible to vote. When a patron purchases a sample, their card will be punched. The cards will double as ballots, which must be submitted no later than one hour prior to the close of Oktoberfest on Monday. After the ballots are counted, the winner will be announced and the award handed out, or delivered to the brewer if not present.)
  5. 2015 Overall Best of Show
Oktoberfest will provide volunteers to dispense beer, though Brewers are encouraged to have a rep on hand to speak about their beer and brewing process. We encourage brewers to decorate their space to make it easily recognizeable. Brewers are also welcome to sell other promotional items, such as T-Shirts and beer cozies, though glassware may not be sold.

The Best Oktoberfest Microbrew Competition will be located in the Bier Garten. When loading and unloading, Microbrew Reps will be allowed to drive right up to rear of the Bier Garten using the Vendor Entrance or Main Entrance, though if using the Main Entrance, all vehicles must be off the Midway one hour prior to gate opening. There will be a refrigerated truck behind of the Bier Garten to hold all beer not in use. There will also be an easily accessible ice chest in the Bier Garten for icing down kegs, and each brewer's station will be furnished with two keg tubs (though again, brewers will need to bring their own jocky boxes). To view a map of the grounds, click here (the Vendor Entrance is located in the upper left hand corner of the map).

If you have any questions please feel free to call Rich Croft at 216-650-1665 or email

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